EZLaces No-Tie Shoe Laces (Aztec)

EZLaces No-Tie Shoe Laces (Happiness)

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  • EZLACES are a no-tie, reflective, performance shoelace system suitable for virtually any athletic footwear type.
  • High quality elastic laces and a strong, durable proprietary locking system will provide you with a perfect, secure fit.
  • Interwoven reflective threads help improve night time visibility!
  • Greatly improves the comfort of any athletic shoe, and are a one size fits all product.
  • The no-tie design allows footwear to be easily slipped on and off, quickly and safely.
  • Includes the new EZProClip which provides superior hold and durability, yet is easy to install.
  • Each package contains two (2) x 45" long laces, two (2) x locks and two (2) x end clips.