Can EZLaces be used for adult and child sized shoes?

Absolutely! EZLaces are a one size fits all product that can be easily trimmed to length to fit virtually any sized athletic or hiking shoe. Lace length is 45" (115cm), and can be easily cut to size. Please see our instructions page, or watch our YouTube video to see how EZLaces are installed on a typical athletic shoe.


I have a high foot arch. Can I use EZLaces?

Yes, and you will be glad you did! People with high arches often complain that shoes with laces are uncomfortable due to the prominence of bones on the top of the foot. Tight, rigid laces don't help one bit.

EZLACES elastic laces allow you to get the optimal secure fit while they will not put unnecessary pressure on the top of the foot. The lace will stay flexible and firm as you walk or run, allowing the athletic shoe to provide you with support as it should.


Arthritis makes it difficult to tie my shoelaces. Can EZLaces help me?

Yes, definitely. They will help you get your shoes on and off in a fast and painless way. Arthritis can make it challenging to grip and pull  regular laces but once you have EZLaces on your favorite lace-up shoes, you will be able to slip on and off your shoes with ease, no more tying or untying- and the laces will never again come undone. And adjusting is easy with the button on the lock and only has to be done once in a while.


I am pregnant and my feet swell up a lot. Can I use EZLaces?

Yes, certainly. Elastic laces will provide support and allow better blood circulation in your feet. In addition, you can make you favorite shoes into slip-on shoes which will be helpful as bending down becomes more difficult with time.  EZLaces are many busy mothers favorite accessory as they allow them to carry their child, or groceries while slipping their shoes on/off safely.


Can small children use EZLaces?

Yes, thanks to EZLaces children as young as 2 years old can without help, slip on and off of their own shoes. EZLaces is perfect for children of any age as they also provide the kids shoe with a more comfortable, snug fit for better sport performance. The reflective laces are a great safety feature for kids who enjoy sports or the outdoors at dusk or after sunset. Children can personalize their shoes by choosing their favorite lace and lock colours from the wide EZLaces selection.


Can I run in the rain with EZLaces?

Absolutely! EZLaces elastic cords are made of high quality elastic cord, same as used in “bungee” cords. The cords are waterproof, and will not rot. The cords are protected by high-quality polyester and reflective threads, which are a great safety feature for night-time runners.

Our proprietary EZLaces locks are made from durable ABS and the locks incorporate strong, high-tension, non-corrosive alloy springs. Even when wet, EZLaces locks maintain the desired firm tension on the lace without any loosening.


Can I use EZLaces on my soccer cleats?

Yes, you can. Since soccer cleats are generally a snug fitting shoe, we recommend that your EZLACES are loosened prior to putting on your cleats, and adjusted to suit your level of play once the shoe is on the foot. Keep in mind soccer is a very dynamic sport, with aggressive lateral movements. A tight fitting shoe is essential for proper safety.


I would like to buy EZLaces as a gift for my nephew, but I don't know his shoe size?

No problem. EZLaces come in a generous 45 inch (115cm) length. Once cut to fit the shoe, they will fit all regular sized adult or children's shoes.


I'm an avid golfer. Can I use EZLaces on my Golf-shoes?

Sure can. You will find that walking 18 holes will be a much more comfortable walk with EZLaces on your golf shoes. EZLaces provide superior comfort and support, and great flexibility to any style of golf-shoe. They come in discreet colours such as black, brown, grey and white or vibrant colors – just choose your style.

Once you try EZLaces, you will never want to use regular laces again!